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Committed People Make League's Work

Friday Jan 13, 2017 in From the Desk of the Commish by   () comments

The success of any organization can only come about as a result of the dedication of its people...

Across our great league there are multiple stories of employees and volunteers that have committed much of their time and energy to bring this great product to life.

You have the longest tenured coach in Joe Salerno with the Storm, many courtside workers in London that have been there since day 1, referees, play by play, photographers, dancers, sales people and on and on who have been with us since our inception. 
Consistency and continuity allow us to build on what works and then  grow &  improve accordingly.
It is with this intent that this week I want to honor our (2) league wide employees who have been with us since we began and who are willing to go above &  beyond the little that we pay them to do virtually whatever we ask them to do.
Chuck MIller is a long time "stat guy" who has been committed to the game of basketball relatively his entire life.  He began with the Albany Patroons in the old CBA as a team statistician in the old CBA in the early '80s and then became their league wide guy.  He would move from there to the PBL and ultimately to the "big time", the NBL Canada.  He's meticulous about everything being accurate and on time.  He is the keeper of all of the records and produces everything from pre-season guides, a weekly stat trivia for social media and post season guides.  He is someone that is available 24 hours a day and is passionate about what he does.
Our other "lifer" is Audley Stephenson, who does everything from social media to website support to creating the vast majority of our content for videos and production.  He can be seen courtside at many games each year, dragging around his camera and "mini-me" son AJ.  I personally can not tell you how many hours a week I spend reviewing everything with the "Audman" from sponsorship opportunities to press releases to messages we want to deliver to our fans.  He is a valued resource and a trusted friend.
Both of these men are being honored with rings that I have asked our sponsor Baron Rings to create to commemorate their time with the league.  Audley will be recieving his this weekend when the London Lightning play the KW Titans, Saturday evening.
On behalf of our league Audley & Chuck, I say thank you for all that you have done.  When the history of our  league is written there will be chapters devoted to the guys who committed their time & energy to something that was only a vision and much of that space will be filled with stories about you guys...

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