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Friday Jan 20, 2017 in From the Desk of the Commish by   (3) comments

Taking a look at the job done by our referees...

As a league we are constantly looking at ways of improving all aspects of our product every year & that includes our referees.

In the past 18 months we have:
- Leveraged our Director of Referees to use video clips as a tool of analysis & review on a regular basis
- Simplified the game with rules that cause less contact (the 5 second back down rule)
- Created a point system with appropriate fines for inappropriate on court behavior
- A system is in place for coaches to review the refs & specific plays
- Spotters have been used as a way to evaluate our officials
- Referee of the Year award added to our post season awards (an effort to recognize our best efforts)
- Encouraging more talk with coaches & less with players

- This season we added about 20% new refs

- We (Mike Falloon, the coaches, GMs & myeslf), will thin out the pool based on performance after 60 days, (again incentive to have only our very best close the regular season & playoffs)
- So far this year, technicals are down 30% over last year & from '14-'15 to this year our fouls are down from 85 to 54 per game (which allows our guys to "play").
So far this year, technicals are down 30% over last year.  Our referees are improving.

They will never be perfect (nor are they on any level), but a concerted effort is in place to continue to recruit top talent & improve all of our referees regardless of their experience levels.

Please remember these men & women have families.  I know because my father was a baseball umpire & felt the sting of abuse he took.  They will make mistakes but no one ever goes to a game & desires to do anything but their best.

For that I applaud them.

Reader Comments

Adam Saturday Jan 21, 2017 01:00 PM
Great job Mags with creating a good referee pool. In the past personally and from talking to others the poor calls on the court really was starting to tarnish the league and frustrate the players and coaches. I have really noticed the difference so far this year and near the end of last year. Keep up the great work with our league. Cheers Adam. go just had to through that in.
Tim Greene Friday Jan 20, 2017 12:32 PM
Well, you should be in Moncton this year, because we are not seeing any of what you are talking about, still the usual horrible refereeing! Last night's game vs Halifax was like a football game... These are not mistakes the referees are making, they are choices.
HFXGUY Friday Jan 20, 2017 11:57 AM
Refereeing will never be perfect like you said but it seems to be much improved from last year. Steps in the right direction.
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