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NBL Canada Is For Everyone

Friday Jan 27, 2017 in From the Desk of the Commish by   (1) comments

NBL Canada Is For Everyone

If you watch our games & don't look closely you might miss the unique opportunities that our league provides for young ladies.

It's easy to see our many wonderful dancers doing a fantastic job putting on a great show for their teams and many of our scorers tables are populated with women as well.

As you dig deeper what starts to become exciting is some other roles that women are filling and doing a great job at:

- Play by Play Broadcaster Kelsey Wright-Johnson with the A's;
- Assistant Coach Jacki Tipping with  the A's;
- President Jena Crone with the A's;
- Referees Christine Vuong, Tresa Stock & Jen McKenzie;

-Jessica McGregor works extermely hard for the Lightning as head of marketing and communications;

-Tara Krajewski is off to a great for our new franchise in KW;

-We have female owners as part of our groups in Windsor and Halifax;
- Physical therapists & trainers;
- Heads of Sales & Marketing;
- Game Day Managers & so much more...

This is a league that is accomplishing incredible growth in and off of the court and we take pride in the quality of our product.

Thankfully for us our Board of Directors see the value in leveraging all the talent we can find regardless of their gender.

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michael Townsend Friday Jan 27, 2017 03:43 PM
Coach Mags and the NBL canada are moving in the right place,i love coming to the games in windsor..couldnt ask for a better league...
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