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A Quarter of the way Through

Friday Feb 03, 2017 in From the Desk of the Commish by   () comments

A Quarter of the Way Through!

With 1/4 of the season already taking place in the season the excitement & fan base continues to grow
All teams are competitive with the average margin of victory less than 10 points per game.
All teams have won at least 40% of their games.
The top (2) teams are coached by Canadians (Mike Leslie of the Halifax Hurricanes & Kyle JULIUS of the London Lightning).
We have a record number of Canadian coaches with Grace Lokoli of the Niagara River Lions & Serge Langis of the K-W Titans.
We have a record number of Canadians in our league (over 50 have already suited up).
We have the 1st person from Newfoundland in our league ever with Noel Moffit playing for the Windsor Express.  Who is the 1st pro basketball player from Newfoundland since long time National Team player Carl English.
We have a record number of female referees (3).
The. new teams are having very nice attendance averages with Cape Breton being 2nd in the league with 2,200 per game & K-W over 1,500 on average (both very good numbers for expansion franchises).
The original (4) teams are on pace for very good attendances as well with the highlight being London looking to set a new record with 6,000 per game & Halifax is up 30% over last season.  PEI, Moncton & Saint John can & should set records as well...
The new owners in Saint John have the Riptide very competitive.
Historical contenders have started slower than expected BUT with 3/4 of the season are likely to make big pushes (Windsor, PEI & Orangeville).
Prospective new markets are looking good & the future has never been brighter!!!
Thanks for supporting your hometown team & this great league and remember the BEST IS YET TO COME

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