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"Dare to Dream"

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"Dare to Dream"

Earlier this past fall, a young filmmaker named Manolo decided to capture some images at our annual league wide draft combine with his camera.
While listening to the end of the day talks the coaches & I give to the participants, he came up with an idea of doing a short documentary called "Dare to Dream"
He does a deft job of weaving the life lessons of our talks with the hopes of these young men.
Often times I am asked "why do these guys, come from all over the world to play for relatively little money (definitely not comparable to the NBA or even what they could earn year round with their university degrees)?
The answer is they "Dare to Dream".  
They dream of being a pro or traveling the world.  They dream of impacting some young person's life or being in the NBA.  
The facts are as long as there's a dream, why not keep chasing it?
If you shoot for the stars, you might only  land on the moon but if you only shoot for the moon you may not get off the ground.
My daughter dreamt of playing in Wimbledon & only got good enough to win an NCAA Championship & be a 7 time All American, does this make her a failure or a success???
It's all about our perspective, in my mind she's an incredible success, because she was able to dream & then had the courage to chase that dream.
So my message is clear: DREAM & DREAM BIG!!!
Thank you:
- Manolo and Jeremiah Sparks for the great narration job!
To learn more about Manolo and his work, please visit his website at Diamantt Films

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