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At midnight on Wednesday the 15th of March, the league held its "transaction deadline".  This means for all intents and purposes that all teams as currently constructed are who they are for the final (45) days of the season.

The only exception to this rule, is when a player gets hurt.  At that point as long as there are enough games remaining in the season for the replacement player to play (6) games and qualify for the playoffs then, with the proper medical documentation another move is granted.

Once playoffs begin the only players eligible to be "Injury Replacements", would have to played a minimum of (6) games for that team.

If a player gets put on IR during the playoffs, he is out the balance of the season.

Why have these rules:

1) Give the fans a chance to "know their team" for (45) days prior to the start of playoffs
2) Reward teams that do things right all year by keeping teams from "loading up" the last second.
3) The IR exception will not unduly punish someone for getting hurt.
4) If a player gets injured during the playoffs, you have to consider whether or not he can get better in time to help, but the option of not coming back, keeps teams from using IR lije a "taxi squad".

One of my first conversations with a highly regarded CIS coach, was with Coach K from St FX, the year before the A's started.  I asked him what he liked & didn't like about our league & he gave me an earful...

The biggest issue was "it's hard to follow & support a team BECAUSE the guys that they start with are often not the ones they finish with."

These rules are designed to build fan loyalty & reward teams for doing things the "right way", all year long.

Let's have a great end of the season!!!

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