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The NBL Canada League Office

Tuesday Apr 25, 2017 in From the Desk of the Commish by   () comments

The NBL Canada League Office

As we get closer to yet another successful season in the NBL Canada it is important that everyone understand who and what makes this league go.

We have several significant "employees" working far more hours than they are paid for & one owner leveraging his resources for the good of the league.

Audley Stephenson is a worker that spends evenings when his family is sleeping putting together video production pieces that inform, educate & add entertainment to our league.  Despite having numerous other responsibilities and endeavours outside the league several nights a week you can see him on the sidelines recording game footage and conducting interviews.

Chuck Miller works whenever we need to get stats done & manages all of the movement of players on & off rosters through moves & Injured Reserve.  He does this around his full time job & chasing his passion of being a world champion at Trivia contests.

Mike Falloon is scheduling the referees for games, making certain they get paid, cutting up film & working on improving the overall product on the floor 7 days a week.  He too works a full time job and has a young family to help raise.

Brian Swane is a young man in Vancouver who follows our league faithfully, works on several other projects and finds time to write for our website daily updates on games and activities going on in the league.

Vito Frijia is the owner of the most successful franchise the London Lightning & the President of the league.

He gives me historical perspective & guidance of things I may not always fully understand.

He is the first to step up & support the league financially & allows us the luxury of using his offices FOR FREE!!!

His employees:

Susan does about anything we need from booking travel to helping me create documents & finding legal documents.

Jacki answers the phones and helps get things sent out on the league's behalf.

Jessica who does so many things for the Lightning also helps us do marketing for the league.

Trent & Heidi do all of our book keeping, reporting & accounting.

Vito, charges the league $0, for all of this.

None of us are perfect & sometimes things slip through the cracks, but 100% of the time everyone gives the very best we can.

So as the commissioner I take pride in what we do & when things aren't great, I will gladly take the blame, because I know that Audley, Chuck, Mike, Brian & all of Vito's wonderful organization are daily going above & beyond for this league & I am grateful for them!!'

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