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NBL Canada Lifts Suspensions for Capers & Black

Released: March 14, 2017
By: NBL Canada Media

The National Basketball Leaugue of Canada announces that it has lifted the suspensions of Marcus Capers and Taylor Black of the London Lightning today based on the fact that all criminal charges brought against them have been dropped.

The pair were involved in an altercation which led to them being charged in December 2016 with assaulting a police officer. Black was additionally charged with resisting arrest.  

NBL Canada immediately suspended both players from the league indefinitely.

"We are pleased for both young men that they no longer face any concerns with the law.  Our hope is that this incident will serve as a lesson for all of our players to be aware of their surroundings and make appropriate judgements around the opportunities that come with being a celebrity.  We welcome both young men back to the league."

They are eligible to play as soon as they are activated by the London Lightning.


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