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November start is official!

Released: July 07, 2017
By: NBL Canada Media


(LONDON) - The National Basketball League of Canada proudly announces that the 2017-18 regular season will start on November 18, 2017 and will run until April 2, 2018 as previously announced.

After two years of starting the season on Boxing Day, the board of directors decided after their June meeting to move the campaign back to start on or around November 18, 2017.  The good weather in the spring being too much of a competitor for the fans attention was cited as one of the reasons.  

The point came back up for discussion at the board level and the topic was up for re-consideration.

NBLC fans were outspoken on the matter and the board of directors listened. "The overwhelming response from our fans for an earlier start date was incredible" said NBL Canada president, Vito Frijia.  "As a board, we heard them loud and clear and responded in a manner that was respectful to the wishes of our fans by having our season start in November."

The decision will expand the regular season by two weeks which in turn will slightly increase the salary cap as well.  Playoffs will immediately follow afterwards and the same playoff schedule will be followed:

- Round 1 - Best of 5 Games

- Conference Finals - Best of 7 Games

- Championship Series - Best of 7 Games

Note: Only the top (4) teams in each conference will make the playoffs, increasing the intensity and importance of the regular season.

Questions and enquiries can be sent to info@nblcanada.ca.
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Heading into its seventh season, the National Basketball League of Canada (NBLC) was founded in 2011 and is Canada's longest standing professional domestic basketball league.  There are currently 11 teams with two divisions: Central and Atlantic.  The NBLC is committed to being one of the leading professional basketball leagues in the world.  The NBLC provides Canadian athletes, international athletes and coaches and officials the opportunity to participate in the game they love at the professional level.  The NBLC is also dedicated to raising the profile of the sport of professional basketball throughout Canada by providing fans with an exciting and entertaining experience starting at a community level.


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