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Since the league`s inception, NBL Canada and its teams have been a strong active community partners in the respective markets they exist but has done little to share their impact nationally. Beginning this season the 5th anniversary year, the league will create a weekly promotional feature for their website, social media & the YouTube games called NBL COMMUNITY.

These spots will feature the teams & leagues work with:
- school literacy programs
- anti bullying initiatives
- anti drug messaging
- support of abused women's causes
- homeless shelter activities
- breast cancer awareness

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Released: April 06, 2016
By: London Lightning Media

(LONDON, Ontario) – Budweiser Gardens will be filled with over 8,000 elementary students from across Thames Valley on Wednesday for “Be a Champ Day” with Canadian performer, Saidat, and members of the London Lightning team.


Students in Grades 5 through 8 and teachers or administrators from their schools will be treated to this extraordinary day of education, entertainment, inspiration and fun.


“It’s a motivational day to encourage our students to be champs. We’re coming together because collectively we can each do one thing to make TVDSB schools the best and most inclusive in the world,” says Matthew Sereda, Safe Schools Learning Coordinator. Students will also have a chance to brainstorm Do1Thing action plans to be completed back at their schools.

The day has been designed with motivational messages and performances from groups and individuals whom young people look up to, including sports figures and high school students. Musical performer, Saidat will act as the master of ceremonies and provide a special presentation for young music fans.


“The goal of the day is for students to realize that they have the power to create the best and most inclusive learning cultures. We can accomplish great things if we all commit to doing one thing for the betterment of others,” Sereda says.


Attendees will have the chance to hear from Associate Director Valerie Neilson and other community leaders.


The Lightning are committed to winning both on and off the court,” said head coach Kyle Julius.  “The ‘Be A Champ Day’ is a great way for us to connect with the youth of our community. The event is all about creating change and being an upstander in our society and truly reflects what we value as a franchise.”


They will also hear stories from two students who started a food bank in their community after realizing that students were coming to school hungry. Ainsley Alyea and Nicole Wilhelm, grade 7 students at Zorra Highland Park Public School, will share their powerful story of committing to the Do 1 Thing Challenge with attendees during the event.


“‘Be A Champ Day’ is a celebration of students being Upstanders.  The London Lightning are great role models for the community and continually showcase what it means to ‘Be A Champ’. I am very honoured to be a part of this premier event for the youth of London,” said Saidat, the official host of ‘Be A Champ Day’. 


As a special end to the day, 3000 students who are recognized as Upstanders in each of TVDSB’s elementary schools will be awarded tickets donated by TD Bank for the London Lightning game to be held on the evening of the Be a Champ event.


Event organizers are grateful for the support of lead sponsor TD Bank.



Jessica McGregor 
Director | Marketing & Public Relations


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